Seedlings day 10

Day 10 - 3

So the puppies are now 10 days old and things are going to start getting much more exciting soon. Lily is starting to spend some time away from the pups- she's wanting to take short walks and even tried to got for a ride. She is used to going everywhere, so sticking around home to take care of puppies has been a big change for her. She's feeling very good, and she is starting to behave more normal. She isn't quite as protective of her babies, although when I remove them for too long, she will come stare at me and her baby.

The puppies are gaining nicely, although we do have a couple piggies. Our single boy and our purple collar boy would nurse all day long if it were up to them. Neurological stimulation and scent introduction are going great. We are starting to trim toenails- something Lily can not stand! Some of the pups do not care one bit and others cry like I'm cutting off toes. I try to do it when Lily is not around lest she react badly. Our goal is to have all the puppies accepting toenail trims as normal hygiene by the time they leave for their new homes.

Today I introduced a sleep nest for the puppies. It is a new challenge for them. This is going to teach them that this is their place to sleep. This is the foundation of potty training! Right now Lily is still cleaning them, but soon they will potty on their own. They will learn that this nest is the sleeping area so they will move out to eliminate. The first lesson in potty training is to define a place not to go, and they will learn to move somewhere else to potty.

Puppies in order: LW Male, LW Female blue, BWF Purple, BWF Pink. (Red is eating with mom)

The next exciting milestone we are watching for are when their eyes open. This can be anywhere from 10-16 days. Each puppy is different. Once they eyes start opening, it take a little while before the pups really see clearly. Their eyes are still developing so the pictures overĀ  the next week are going to seem very dark. We will close the blind on the window near the whelping box. Bright light can hurt the puppies eyes as they open, so we will keep it dark. This is another reason I use a red heat light. This is gentler on the eyes than a bright white heat light.

Liver/White girl
Liver/White girl

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