Eclipse Litter 11 days old

Eclipse day 11
Eclipse day 11

Today our Eclipse litter is 11 days old! If they look bigger in the picture it's because they made huge gains over night. I try to weigh them before breakfast- I do not want their bellies full of milk to inflate my numbers. Weighing them also stirs them and they want some of Raven's love to calm them down afterwards!

I always weigh the puppies with the scale on the floor. I've heard horror stories of puppies getting hurt by falls that could be prevented. Well this morning it was a good thing- I had multiple puppies walk right off my scale- and when they decide to walk off they are getting surprisingly fast!

All the puppies except purple boy have doubled their weight since birth. Purple was one of the bigger puppies at birth and they are usually the last to double their weight. Purple is also one of the most active puppies- he pooped on the scale and then walked off it!

This litter has been amazing and they are hitting their milestones right on time. I couldn't be happier!

Later today we will be introducing our bird scents to the puppies. They are bird dogs so I can't wait to see how they respond.

Eclipse Day 11 weight graph