Levi x Raven Puppies Day 10

New space 2

Today is day 10 for the Levi x Raven puppies! This is an exciting day for these guys. Today we saw some milestones as well.

  • We had our weigh in this morning and 3 of the pups have doubled their weights! This is great news and means Raven is being a great mom! Most of the others are close behind. I do not have a single pup on my watch list for issues- which for me is the best news I could have 🙂 This litter is very healthy and developing right on schedule.
  • Today was also moving day! Raven is wanting to spend more time away from her puppies. This is normal as they get bigger. She is very calm and wants to chase balls and have fun with our other dogs.  We moved the puppies to our training room so that Raven could be close to her puppies but not always in the very warm whelping box. We have a bed just outside the puppy pen- Raven can go in and out as needed, or just watch from outside.
  • Puppies have begun eliminating on their own. This means its time to start early litterbox training. While they are not quite mobile enough to  get to a litterbox, they will start moving out of the sleeping nest to eliminate. To encourage this I have put a pad with bumpers into their space. Since they are still blind the well defined edges help them to figure out where not to go potty. I've put down puppy pads right outside their nest and they will begin to learn to go in certain areas, preparing them for the introduction to the litterbox.
  • The puppies are also starting to stand and walk on all four legs. They are taking a few toddling steps when they move. This is a lot of fun to watch.