Jynx’s Puppy X-Ray


Yesterday afternoon, we took Jynx to the vet for her X-Ray. It was day 56 and she weighed 92.5 pounds — this means over 20 pounds of puppies! When the vet came back from reading the X-Ray she said, "Jynx has A Lot of puppies!" "How many?" I asked. The vet replied, "Ten to fifteen puppies, plus or minus 2. I think it is closer to 15 puppies." Shock at so many puppies!

We posted the X-Ray photo on Facebook and naturally people counted other amounts of puppies. A vet friend of mine said she only counted 12-13. So we shall see. In any case, Jynx is heavy laden with puppies.

We expect Jynx to begin whelping at the beginning to middle of next week.

Meanwhile, Raven's puppies all gained at least 50 grams each since yesterday.

Below is a photo of heavy laden Jynx from this morning.