Raven’s Eclipse Litter Day 2 Weights

Eclipse day 2

Today Raven's litter is 2 Days old. We took their weights have had some healthy gains. So far we have been blessed with a great litter and no issues.

I've been keeping a spreadsheet on their gains so I thought I'd share a bit of it. Everyone loves a bit of data crunching. I found it interesting that the biggest and smallest are both boys.

Today Raven's milk should be in so we should see some bigger gains tomorrow. She's doing a great job taking care of her babies.

Biggest Puppy Yellow 565 gm
Biggest Avg Gain Yellow 35 gm
Biggest Total Gain Yellow 70 gm
Smallest Puppy Green 415 gm
Smallest Avg Gain Purple 17.5 gm
Smallest Total Gain Purple 35 gm
Litter Average Gain 25.27778 gm