Raven’s X-Ray 11/15/2021

Raven x-ray

Raven has been starting to nest quite a bit. She's getting big so I took her in today for an X-ray.

We have a lot of puppies in there! The middle of the X-ray is a little cloudy- probably because of puppies getting in the way of each other and some of her organs in the way.

We are so excited. The way Raven is behaving leads us to believe we will see puppies before 11/21. Maybe by the end of this week!

Due to the cloudiness of the middle, the vet was not entirely sure how many. At least 8- possible up to 10! Perfect amount- not too small of a litter (1 or 2 is bad) and over 10 gets challenging because you have to rotate puppies because she can't feed them all. They are even in a good position- so we are looking for some fun with puppies by the end of the week!