Casting Call: Puppies

lab puppy pics 2

I'm a bit biased- but I think our labs and the boys they were bred to are gorgeous. Both chocolate labs already have been used by pet talent agencies. Let's face it, these two litters of pups are going to be cute!

The word is getting out, and I've had a few professional photographers and talent agencies asking for information. The puppies may have their first "job" in January!

The best time to socialize dogs is when they are very young. The more exposure that they can get in their first few months to a wide variety of situations, the easier time they will have with training in the future. If we can positively introduce scary things like camera equipment, flashes, and strange props at an early age, the pups will not be afraid of them later on in life.

Our goal at Three Doves is to raise puppies that are well adjusted and confident to do any task you may ask of them. Exposing them to a wide variety of environments is important, and this photo opportunity will be a great training and socialization experience.

One other exciting part of this is that we will make sure everyone gets information in case you would like to order professional prints from the photo session.

The pictures here are samples of what the photographers have done with past litters of puppies (not mine).


lab puppy pics 1