Levi x Raven Pedigree

Pedigree for HRCH UH RFC's Levi's Truth Be Told MH x SHR Raven Of Tatanka Bluffs, Joining Three-doves TD, CGC,RN

Both Levi and Raven have a distinguished pedigree. Twenty-one dogs in their pedigree are in the Retriever Hall of Fame. Levi and Raven share several dogs in their pedigree and are distant cousins. They share 6 ancestors in common over 7 generations. Even though Levi and Raven are distantly related, their puppies have an inbreeding coefficient of 1.46% extremely low. Both dogs come from solid field trial backgrounds.

One distinguished ancestor both Levi and Raven share is Retriever Hall of Fame dog
Ebonstar Lean Mac (call name Maxx), whelped in July 1990. Maxx is a two time winner of the National Amateur Field Champion, a two time winner of the Canadian National Amateur Field Champion, a Field Champion and a Canadian Field Champion. Maxx sired over 50 field champion puppies.

Another distinguished ancestor of both Levi and Raven is Super Powder, whelped in April
1971. Super powder received a QAA title and sired nearly 40 field champion puppies.
Levi and Raven continue in the proud heritage of their ancestors. Levi is a Hunting Retrieving
Champion, Upland Hunter, and Retriever Field Champion. Raven has just begun her field
competitions and has a Season Hunting title and a Rally Novice title. We are looking forward to some really fine puppies with a great pedigree.