Three Doves Hunting Dogs

3Doves Hunting Dog (1)

Here are Three Doves we put a lot of effort into raising our dogs to hunt. Whether the pedigree was bred for Fields like our retrievers, or if they were bred for show like our spaniels, they get as much time and training in the field as time and weather permit.

While it makes sense for our retrievers who were bred for the field, some may question why we put this effort into "show dogs". All of our dogs were created for a purpose, and they are happiest when they get to do what they were originally bred for- which is hunting. We don't want a dog to loose out on this development just because they come from Show/Bench lines. Our dogs stand out because they are very athletic. The skills they learn hunting and training in the fields are the same skills that are desired in performance and pet dogs.

You'll see us posting regular pictures of training for our dogs. We want them to be in great shape always. Even when we are breeding our dogs, they are out running in the fields. A strong athletic mom is going to have an easier time whelping.

We will introduce the puppies to the skills they will later need for hunting. It's great fun to introduce a bird to a dog for the first time. It's like a switch gets hit and they know this is what they've been waiting for.

Does this mean our clients need to hunt? Not at all! But our dogs will be driven- so if you aren't having them retrieve ducks and quail, you'll want to give them balls and bumpers to throw. You'll want to give them opportunities to swim and run loose in fields.

Jyns has loads of energy making retrieves and long singles at 4 weeks pregnant.
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