Days 3-16 Neonatal Period

Moonie Grey Boy

Day 3-16 – Neonatal Period

In this amazing week, we see the puppies transform from deaf , blind, helpless loaves of fur, to real little puppies who can hear, toddle, and play. You’ll get to take a peek at the funny and touching moments when they realize there’s a whole world outside of themselves.

Girls Day 4

Yesterday was Day 3 and we were a bit too busy to make any posts. Puppies and Raven had their first check-up at the vet. The Pups had their dew claws removed by the vet and Raven was checked over to make sure she was doing great. Her milk is in and the she had a good bill of health.

Yesterday is the day we normally would start Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. Removing dew claws can be stressful enough so we will be waiting until tomorrow (Day 5) to begin these programs.

Boys Day 4

The puppies are doing great! They all made nice gains overnight showing that they were not too stressed by the vet trip yesterday. Since everyone loves statistics- here is part of the spreadsheet I’ve been keeping.

Raven stats day 4