Days 5-10 Neonatal Period

Eclipse Litter 6 Days old
Eclipse Litter 6 Days old
⚠️ WARNING: NOISY!! Days 5-10: Neonatal period. We are removed from the nest for 3 minutes a day to drop our body temperature. This neurological stimulation creates a mild stress to stimulate our hormonal, adrenal, and pituitary systems. This boosts our ability to cope and adapt to stressful situations faster and perform better in problem-solving solutions.
📝 NOTE: This is the one exercise we have the hardest time with too. If the stimulation wasn't SO beneficial for improving the growth and development of their cardiovascular & immune system as well as helping with stress tolerance, we wouldn't do it. 💝
In the picture above, the two puppies in the middle of the pile are Titan (Yellow) and Eclipse (pink). These are the two biggest pups. The rest are very close in size. They are getting to be mobile and very noisy when they are hungry!
In addition to the Neurological Stimulation, we will be doing more Early Scent Introduction later today. The next scent up is Anise. This is another scent used by the AKC in their scent work competitions.