Day 4 — Lily Belle’s Romance Litter

We would like to introduce Lily Belle x Buttercup's Romance Litter. The seven puppies were whelped on January 29, 2023. The past few days have been very, very busy at Three-Doves with the puppies.

The three girls did not cooperate for the photo. In order of the photo: 1) Yellow Collar — Mary "Shelly"; 2) Orange Collar — "Emily" Dickenson; 3) Teal Collar — "Keats".

The four boys cooperated a little better for a photo. In photo order: 1) Sky Collar — William Wordsworth; 2) Blue Collar — Robert Burns; 3) Red Collar — Lord Byron; 4) Green Collar — William Blake.

The puppies are growing nicely. Day 2 their weight dropped because Lily's milk production was delayed for 24 hours. After that short delay, everything picked up and she is able to feed all seven puppies. The puppies go for a vet visit on Saturday. We are looking forward to the watching the puppies develop and grow.