Buttercup x Lily Puppy Pedigree — Day 5

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NOTE: Day 5 Puppy Pictures are at the end of the article.

Maxwell's Build Me Up Buttercup and Lily Belle both have some great dogs in their ancestry. They even share some common lineage in the 4th and 5th generations. Both Buttercup and Lily Belle share Bis BISS Ch Salilyn's Condor (sire) x Ch Cerise's Jubilee Royale. Salilyn's Condor has his own Wikipedia Page. Salilyn's Condor won Westminster in February 1993. Salilyn's Condor is the first Westminster winner to sire another Westminster winner. Salilyn's Condor's great grandfather, Ch. Salilyn's Aristocrat, sired 188 champions.

Salilyn's Condor at Westminster 1993

The pedigree back 3-5 generations of both Buttercup and Lily Belle is the product of line breeding, which breeds dogs closely related to each other to preserve the genetic purity of the line. Lily Belle has a lot of Kay N Dee's line in her. Several of Lily's ancestors won at Westminster. Deb Kirk was responsible for the Kay N Dee line and there are still a few of the TV commercials featuring her line on YouTube.

Buttercup and Lily both come from strong lines and have produced beautiful puppies.

Here are some photos of the puppies from Day 5.