Lily & Fergus at The Flushing Spaniel Show in Knoxville

While Three-Doves was sending home Raven's Eclipse Puppies, Lily and Fergus went on the road to the Flushing Spaniel Show in Knoxville, TN. The Flushing Spaniel Show is put on by the American Spaniel Club, which was established in 1881. This makes the American Spaniel Club three years older than the American Kennel Club, established in 1884. The Westminster Kennel Club was established in 1877. The Flushing Spaniel Show is one of the oldest dog shows in the country; some say it is older than Westminster's Dog show.

Lily and Fergus enjoying Knoxville, TN, on Friday, when it was 50℉ outside and before the snow on Sunday. (Although Lily and Fergus like the snow well enough, too.)

On Sunday, January 16th, Lily competed in the Rally Master, Rally Excellent B, and Rally Advanced B. She took second place, first and first. She also obtained her Rally Master title during this competition. She also received the Highest Combined score in Advanced B & Excellent B Rally. She additionally received the Highest Combined Triple Qualifying Score in Advanced B, Excellent B, Master Rally. For the entire weekend, Lily Belle got 23 ribbons.

While in Knoxville, Fergus entered Beginner Novice B Obedience and received his title.

Before the competitions on Friday, Doug Johnson gave a seminar on the flushing spaniel breeds. Doug Johnson has bred and shown almost every flushing spaniel breed. He brought a lot of knowledge and experience to the discussion. It was an excellent presentation. Here is one of the slides where he discussed the origin of the different flushing breeds.

It was a very good weekend. The judges, stewards, and volunteers did a great job.