Eclipse litter is 3 weeks old!

3 weeks old

Week 3 — Critical Socialization Period

As we enter into the critical socialization period, we accept and solicit invitations to play, we will be introduced to new experiences, toys and sounds.

We will be listening to classical music, which studies find help animals be more restful and fall asleep faster. We will also be introducing loud, startling sounds. We do not want dogs afraid of vacuums or blow dryers or other normal loud noised that are part of our normal life.

Week 3 — Body handling

The 10-step handling protocol lays the foundation in ensuring puppies are compliant to all types of situations that involve being handled, from veterinarians, children, groomers, trainers, etc... The goal is to gently move around the puppy's whole body.


Week 3 — Food Introduction

This week we are starting puppy mush. Eclipse litter had their first taste today with mixed results. Most loved it but some others would rather just have mom. Little Eclipse walked across the room to the dog bed where Raven has been feeding them, climbed up and waited for mom. Mom never came. Mom was locked out of the room (barking) because she thinks the puppy mush is wonderful. I let her in to do the clean up. Puppy's were covered all over with little flecks of food. I will begin giving them thorough wipe downs until they figure out how to eat without bathing in the food.