Private Lessons


1 Lesson — $40

5 Lessons — $180

10 Lessons — $340


In Kennel and Day Training

1 Day — $45

5 Days — $200

10 Days — $380





Boarding — $35 per night

Pet Taxi — $15 per day (limited area)


Three Doves Dog Training

Training Method: The three pillars in dog training are consistency, timing, and motivation.  Each pillar is important and like a leg on a tripod. Without one, it would collapse and to ensure the best training results.

Consistency: As a dog owner, staying consistent with training at all times is important and failing to do so, will result in not achieving desired goals in training.

Timing: Corrections or rewards must be given within 1.3 seconds of the behavior, or the reward/correction will be unclear to the dog.

Motivation: Keeping a dog motivated is important in training. Positive stimuli helps motivate a dog to do something while negative stimuli helps motivate a dog to not do something. Giving a dog praise, treats, or playing with a toy is positive stimuli. Correcting a behavior is negative stimuli.



Three Doves Dog Training currently offers basic obedience and puppy training as well as other types of training including various dog sports upon request.  A few other offerings include dock diving, retrieving, scent work, tracking, etc.

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